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The B.C. Personal Property Security Act ("PPSA") is a provincial law that came into effect in 1990. Its main purpose is to govern all consumer and commercial financing in B.C. that involves a creditor having security in the assets of a debtor.

This law created a registry system for such security interests called the Personal Property Registry. A creditor with a filed security interest in that registry is called a "secured creditor."

Even though that secured creditor may be in a province other than B.C., (or even in another country), the PPSA will apply to its rights and remedies against a debtor located in B.C. or when the assets at issue are located in B.C. for more than a short period of time.

We have more than twenty years legal experience in dealing
with a wide range of PPSA matters.

Over the years our PPSA clients have ranged from large international companies to provincial associations to small local businesses.

The PPSA cases we have assisted such clients on have been from several thousand dollars up to several millions of dollars in value. Many of our clients provide repeat business to us and have referred other companies to us.


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